Kent Connects


The Partnership has collaborated with Smarter Digital Services to create a set of e-learning courses that are designed to benefit their partners. The courses aim to enhance the digital skills and knowledge of employees across various public sector organisations.

Currently, our Partners can access a two-part course: An Introduction to Digital Accessibility which also covers creating compliant online documents (PDFs). This course will help partners to comply with digital accessibility regulations and create accessible online documents.

Additionally, the Partnership is working on developing two more courses on Writing Good Content for the Web and Cyber Security.

The e-learning courses are suitable for use across all organisations and are available to all partners. They are also SCORM compliant, which means that partners can load the courses onto their own training systems.

Overall, the Partnership’s e-learning courses are a valuable resource for organisations looking to enhance their digital skills and knowledge. By collaborating with Smarter Digital Services, the Partnership is making significant efforts towards creating a more digitally competent workforce.