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digital.together is a pioneering year of awareness and inspiration, focusing on the huge opportunities that digital creates for everyone in Kent. It is driven by Kent Connects – a nationally recognised, countywide technology partnership.

Why digital.together?

Every day we see how technology and the wider ‘digital experience’ are merging, in both our personal life and workplace.

How can we maximise the benefits that new digital offerings will bring? How can we make the leap from ‘why should we’ to ‘what if we…?’

What can you expect from digital.together?

Over the next 12 months Kent Connects partners with others will be creating a series of events, workshops, and collaborative opportunities to position Kent as one of the most progressive and inclusive digital counties in the country. From improving access to public services, supporting digital buddies and community hacks to advocating greater equality in the use of IT and helping young people participate in code clubs, we want to show that Kent is leading the way in technology innovation.

Welcome to a brave new digital world.

Participation, not partitioning…

This year we need you to participate in this exciting, challenging and original initiative. Whatever your background or interest, you’re all invited.

About Kent Connects

With a membership of all of the Kent and Medway authorities, Kent Police, Kent Fire & Rescue Service and the South East Commissioning Support Unit (NHS), Kent Connects is a powerful alliance of the public service providers. Our role is to tackle the barriers to the joining up and sharing of public services. Our vision is the load this transformation thgouh the application of technology.

digital.together core principles

  • Inspire people to contribute and collaborate in creating solutions
  • Explore how we can complement existing digital initiatives, rather than duplicate or compete
  • Be generous in sharing insights, experience and resources – whether part of a large organisation or as an individual
  • Encourage curiosity and learn from people with new perspectives
  • Empathise with others when designing services to tackle a common challenge
  • Empower people by ensuring that every activity be it a website or a workshop – is inclusive


  • See people – not just users, customers or staff
  • Start with the use of technology, rather than the technology itself
  • Value¬†the¬†different types of support that people and organisations can provide to digital.together.

We are proud to be driving digital.together.

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