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Student Placement

PS ICT Action Plan Support Officer 2016/2017

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In my role I support digital.together, the Kent Connects partnership in delivering the ICT action plan and am responsible for publicity, web content and all social media communications.

Digital.together is a year-long programme of events that showcase digital transformation and collaboration across the county; actively promoting the digital agenda by improving online services, developing new ways to engage with people and encouraging digital transformation.

I support IT, Project and Technical Boards across the county enabling fluid communication and decision making between partners. I also assist with the development of the DRBaaS which offers disaster recovery service for all Kent Connects Partners.

This placement is a great opportunity for those who want to work on the client side of IT and have a passion for how technology can be used to make customer and partner lives easier. If you want a placement that allows you the flexibility to develop your skills for a great graduate job, Kent Connects is for you.


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