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Student Placement

Maidstone Borough Council Digital Officer 2017/18 – Muhammad Al-Jamee

As a Digital Officer for Maidstone Borough Council I am in charge of contributing to the website redevelopment.

My role consists of rebuilding older forms and migrating to the New Achieve system.  This would be utilising different types of integration to be built into forms. This would cover areas of HTML, SQL, Web Servicing and XML, which provides a practical challenge to take on. I have also been involved in building brand new forms, which encourages originality and ideas to be brought to different departments. This would encourage redesigning forms in a manner to HCI being a main theme.

Other roles involve redesigning the CRM system, in order to allow for a more efficient use for other departments. This is to make sure that everything is brought to the current system in order to tackle customer queries more thoroughly.

The overall experience has been great, which allows for many different skills to be picked up along the way. By being placed in working environment, it encourages taking on new challenges and adapting to the overall workflow.

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