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Being a Kent Connects Digital Envoy can really put you on the map. Sam Dondi-Smith is the founder of has been nominated to be a TalkTalk Digital Hero. Why should you vote for Sam? Sam is the founder of Interactive Me, a not-for-profit organisation developing bespoke memory profiles for people with dementia which are […]

the 23rd July saw the second of our Free digital skills events as part of the digital.together calendar. This session was open to the public and we were delighted to see many in attendance.It was a great event where we discussed everything from social media through cookies to safety online. We received a lot of […]

The University of Kent offer an online vacancy database which enables you to find the best students and graduates for your team. The service allows you to easily manage your own list of vacancies and if you post a position it will normally be posted by 5pm that day! Using the UoK service means you […]

My Name is David I am the new PS ICT Action Plan Support Officer at Kent Connects. I am currently studying BSc Computing at The University of Kent and I’m really interested in the best ways we can all share data as individuals and organisations to be as efficient as possible. Over the next year […]

The introduction of a new IT template solution reduces cost, introduces efficiencies and improves services. All over Europe the main focus of public authorities is to increase productivity and solve tasks in a better and more inexpensive way. In Gravesham Borough Council they have taken up the challenge by introducing new technology which both increases […]

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